Miracle Garden

When I first heard about Miracle Garden in Dubai I was a bit skeptical to be honest. I knew it contained million of flowers arranged in all sorts of designs but I didn't quite realize how beautiful it would be in person. I was tempted to go see it after watching a trailer an upcoming film called Bin Roye which shot some of its scenes there. My husband and I finally decided to go last week and we were blown away by how stunning it was. It truly is miraculous that in the desert climate of Dubai they're able to have this sprawling garden with hundreds of different types of flowers. The colors are incredible and as soon as you enter you feel like you're in some sort of dream. While some of the stuff is a bit kitschy (I'm looking at you fake Eiffel Tower) it's beautiful for the most part and definitely something to see at least once while you're here. When the weather starts to cool down a bit (not for another 4 or 5 months) my husband and I are planning on going back and spending the day there. As with most places in Dubai it tends to be most crowded on weekends so I would recommend going during the working week if possible.

 How cute is this little kitty who was wandering around?!



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