The Perfect Weekend

It's not often that we get to experience a perfect weekend. We all make plans for the weekend thinking this one is going to be better than the one before but by the time Sunday night rolls around I'm always left wishing I had done something differently like fitting in more errands or getting more sleep. I had made no particular plans for last weekend and it turned to be one of my best weekends ever. I woke at my usual 6:30 am (thanks biological clock). Luckily for me my husband is also an early riser so I don't have to worry about waking him up in the mornings. I made a cup of tea for us and I finally flipped though my magazines that had been pilling up for weeks. The morning light streaming in from the window onto our bed was so gorgeous that I couldn't help but take a photo. I spent the rest of the morning catching up on my reading and by mid afternoon I got out of my lazy mode to bake some banana bread. Banana bread is my absolute favorite thing to bake! I can never get over how good it makes the house smell. After snacking on some bread we decided to head out to The Beach for a late lunch. I finally got a chance to wear my new bracelet that I bought at the Souk in Muscat (it's the gold coin one!). All of these combined to make such a relaxing day which is such a nice change from our normally fast paced life. It was amazing not to have to think about work or errands and it put me in such a great state of mind for the upcoming week. This was by far the best weekend I've spent in quite a long time. I'd love to know what your definition of a perfect weekend is!



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