A Day in Boston

Back in May I was able to escape the harsh summer heat for a few weeks by visiting my parents back in Connecticut. Even though I had graduated from Smith in December my actual ceremony was in May so it was the perfect excuse for me to take a bit of a vacation. I was able to spend a month at home and naturally I had to visit two of my favorite cities, Boston and New York while I was there. My day in Boston was lovely. By that time my husband had flown in as well. We were able to spend a day in the city walking around with my parents, enjoying the gorgeous weather and views. One of the things I love about Boston is that it's so calm and serene. It reminds me of a much bigger "city" version of my own home town. While we walked around we obviously had to snap some pictures as well. Even though I'm a bit late in putting them up I hope you enjoy them!



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