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When it comes to movies, I'm not very picky. I'm one of those people who will give rave reviews to a laundry detergent commercial. I consider this to be a good quality but it does sometimes backfire on me when I friends end up hating a movie I recommended. My friends always joke that any time I finish watching a movie I automatically claim it's the best thing I've ever seen. This probably true to a certain extent considering how hard it was for me to narrow down my list to 5. It's also a pretty good thing I'm not on the Oscar committee. My criteria for a good movie is pretty simple, it has to be a generally happy movie, it has to make me laugh at some point, and it can't be an action movie (no offense to action movie lovers!). These 5 movies have stood the test of time for me. They're tried and true favorites and I've watched them to the point where I can quote them word for word. While the list may seem basic, these movies make me feel good and forget about the stress of the real world for a little while and that's more than enough for me.

1. The Parent Trap

This is slightly embarrassing to admit but I'll do it anyway. The Parent Trap is my favorite movie of all time. I'm not sure whether it's because it fills me with the sweetest sense of 90's nostalgia or whether it keeps my dream of having a secret twin sister that I haven't yet discovered alive but there's no movie I'd rather watch. When I was younger my best friend and I would pretend that I was Annie and she was Hallie and we'd act out our favorite scenes together. No matter how many times I sit down to watch it I always get teary eyed at the end when Nick and Lizzie get married again.

2. When Harry Met Sally

You're probably thinking I'm the most cliched movie watcher you've ever met but hear me out. New York City, 80's prep, and Billy Crystal's comedic timing make for a pretty great movie. What really gets me about this movie is all the elderly couples at the beginning and end who talk about their own love stories. When it comes to love stories I don't think anything can beat Harry and Sally's decades long, love hate relationship.

3. Love Actually

My holiday season isn't complete without watching Love Actually at least once. Who doesn't love the beginning with Billy Mack belting out 'Christmas is all Around'. I dare you to try watching this movie without getting that song stuck in your head. Love Actually manages to be entertaining, meaningful, and fun all at the same time.

4. Troop Beverly Hills

Like most of these movies on this list I think I find myself watching Troop Beverly Hills over and over again because of the feelings of nostalgia they evokes in me rather than the quality of the film itself. Phyllis Nefler will forever be etched into my memory as the coolest mom to grace the big screen. This film is certainly a treat for the eyes with its incredible outfits and over the top Beverly Hills homes. The catchy 80's soundtrack is another plus. Troop Beverly Hills is one of my favorite movies to watch when I'm in the need for a pick me up or missing my mom. And even through all the dribble it manages to get a message of perseverance and determination across.

5. Father of the Bride

As you can tell from this list I have a thing for Nancy Meyers films and Father of the Bride is no exception. Who can forget Martin Short's iconic performance as Frank the European wedding planner. His fake accent always leaves me in hysterics. I love seeing the dynamic between Annie and her loving but overprotective father.



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