The Flower Markets of Istanbul

When I was in Istanbul, there were a number of things I fell in love with almost immediately. Being from a historic town in New England, it was so amazing to be back in a city that was so immersed in history. That's something I really miss while living in Dubai. Although I love almost everything about here, there's something about buildings, roads, shops, and even people that carry stories with them that you can't replace. Every morning on our way to breakfast my husband and I would walk through Taksim Square past these amazing flower stalls. They made our already amazing walk to Istaklal Street (more on that later) even more colorful! I particularly loved the displays of flower crowns. Upon closer look I saw that the crowns were made of fake flowers (the rest were all real) but they were still incredibly beautiful and ethereal. I would plan on buying one everyday on our way back to the hotel but I would always be too cold or too tired to actually stop and take the 20 seconds I needed to buy one. But, at least it's a valid excuse to go back, right? I hope these pictures give a sense of how truly beautiful these flower markets were. I certainly can't wait to go back to Istanbul and see them again one day.




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