5 Do’s and Don’ts for Visiting Miami

Last month my husband and I decided to make a short visit to Miami, a city that had been on our bucket list forever! As cheesy as it may sound we had both grown up listening to Will Smith’s  Welcome to Miami, and were curious to see if the depiction in the song was actually what the city was like! We had envisioned miles of gorgeous beaches, palm trees, and sunny skies and Miami certainly did not disappoint. Our 4 days flew by and I’ve compiled 5 do’s and don’ts that I think will come in handy for anyone planning on visiting this little piece of paradise!

1. Don’t stay on South Beach unless you plan on partying late into the night

South Beach is arguably the most iconic area of Miami but is also one of the noisiest especially at night. When deciding on hotels my husband and I were unsure of whether to book right on South Beach or to book something a few blocks away. We ended up staying at the Washington Park Hotel located on Washington Ave which was less than a 2 minute walk from the beach. Walking back to our hotel from South Beach the first night we were so grateful for our decision! Our hotel was conveniently located to all of the main attractions Miami had to offer but far enough away from the noise and commotion so that we could get a peaceful night’s sleep! I wouldn't recommend staying as far away as Downtown or Brickell unless you're planning on renting a car because you'll be at least 15 - 20 minutes away from most major attractions. 

Just a 15 minute drive away from South Beach, the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens originally belonged to businessman James Deering. As soon as you arrive, not only will you feel as if you’ve been transported to Europe, you’ll also feel as if you’ve stepped back in time to an era of unparalleled decadence and finery. Observe the immaculately preserved historical objects dotting the house as well as the Italian Renaissance gardens for an experience like no other. This place is seriously unlike from any of the other museums I’ve ever visited in the US and I can’t recommend it highly enough! 

3    3. Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

This tip definitely goes without saying but I still can’t stress it enough! Coming from Dubai my husband and I thought the sunshine in Miami would be no big deal for us and didn’t bother packing sunscreen. Within spending less than 5 minutes on the beach we were both sunburned (I know, I know, we totally had it coming for us!).  Needless to say, pack your own sunscreen so don’t get stuck buying  a ridiculously overpriced one from a pharmacy on South Beach!

4    4. Do Allocate More Than You Would Expect For Food

During our past travels, we’ve visited some expensive cities but I don’t think we’ve ever encountered food prices as high as those in Miami. Despite doing research on restaurants and food beforehand we were still shocked to find that even an extremely average meal on average cost upwards of $30. While eating out is unavoidable, I would recommend bringing lots of snacks with you if possible, especially fresh fruit! This is a really random observation but the fruit we saw was extremely terrible quality and overpriced. Also, if you’re looking for a good halal restaurant in the heart of the city, check out Al Basha Grill. The ambiance was lacking but their tasty food and filling portions make up for it!

5    5. Do Explore More Than Just South Beach

The beaches in Miami are beyond gorgeous, in fact, they’re some of the most beautiful we’ve ever seen but we were also glad that we pulled ourselves away from the beach to explore some other neighborhoods in the city such as Wynwood and Little Havana! Miami is such a unique city in terms of its amalgamations of cultures and people. Take advantage of this and take in everything the city has to offer! We would have loved to go to Little Haiti and Coconut Groove as well but couldn’t fit them in to this trip. We’ve left them on our list for next time!



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